Efficient and stable continuous bacteriostasis, improve gastrointestinal system healt.
Reduce urine PH value and regulate urinary system health.
Reduce ammonia emissions and environmental pollution, and protect the health of the respiratory system.

Ultra Acidfier Features

Feature 1

The content is higher than 99.8, which is more than 40% higher than the common compound acid.
The product is a chemical synthetic product with few impurities and no peculiar smell;
 Unique product characteristics ensure that it acts on the entire intestine;
 Ordinary organic acid products contain about 30% carrier, reducing the cost performance.

Feature 2

Obvious antibacterial effect per unit substance (fumaric acid, lactic acid, formic acid, etc.) (Namkung et al., 2011)


Molecular Weight

Butric Acid Content

Combination Form








Feature 3

Intestinal sustained release function, the effect is more stable;
Benzoic acid has a large molecular weight, falling acid, slightly soluble in water;
The product is white crystalline and has a large particle size to ensure that it acts on the entire intestine.

Feature 4

Unique metabolic mechanism, lower urine pH and reduce ammonia emissions.

Feature 5

Unique anti-corrosion and anti-mold effect;
Benzoic acid is used as a preservative and anti-mold agent in food;
Can effectively inhibit the growth of yeast and mold to achieve anti-corrosion and anti-mold effect;
Reduce the incidence of feed rancidity, mold, and agglomeration.

Recommended Method and Dosage

Pig: 1.-5.0 kg / ton, used with other acids according to the effect and cost.
Poultry: 0.5-1.0 kg / ton, adjusted according to poultry health status and feeding stage.
Antifungal agent: 1.0 kg / ton, can replace propionic acid products.

Our Clients

We are the official supplier of the Chemical Feed Additives for many businesses and brands in the world who serve for the Livestock industry. All of these brands have kept their trust on us as the supportive body to them that helps them maintain their brand qualities. Get to know some of the most notable clients among them which are mentioned here.

Happy Feedbacks

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