BHT (Butylated Hydroxytoluene), as an antioxidant, is widely used in food, feed, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Through strict selection of BHT raw materials and dosage forms, as well as reasonable compatibility of synergists and anti-caking agent, EUBIOTICS aims to provide high-quality, efficient and stable antioxidant product solutions and avoid the negative effects caused by the oxidation reaction.

Product Efficacy

It can help enhance the antioxidant function of feed and raw materials, and improve product stability.

It can help avoid the reduction in feed intake and poultry’s health problem due to oxidation reaction and livestock.

It can help improve the appearance (metal ion reaction proves colorless) and palatability of feed.

Features of BHT 60%

As high-purity BHT raw materials, it has less impurities and high potency (products’ specifications can be improved by this high standard raw materials).
Small particle size, high mixing uniformity, large contact area, enhance antioxidant effect
Unique compatibility mechanism to ensure synergy between effective ingredients and exert antioxidant ability.

The three stages of oxidative rancidity of fats and oils are destroyed one by one! Effectively suppress the initial stage and the extension stage.


Molecular Weight

Butric Acid Content

Combination Form








Comparison Chart of Various Antioxidant Properties

Recommended Dosage

Complete feed: 100-200g/ton
Concentrate feed : 200-500g/ton

CPremix: 300-500g/ton
Fish meal: 600-800g/ton


When using Antioxidants, it should change the amount of antioxidant added (such as high fat, high mineral content) according to the formulation, storage environment, time and other factors. It is recommended to add pure BHT to feed materials such as fat, fish meal and fish oil.

Product Features

White powder with excellent fluidity.

Mesh: 100% reach 60 mesh.

Hygienic indicators and moisture meet national regulations.

Store in a sealed, dry place and avoid light.

Package: 25kg bag.

Our Clients

We are the official supplier of the Chemical Feed Additives for many businesses and brands in the world who serve for the Livestock industry. All of these brands have kept their trust on us as the supportive body to them that helps them maintain their brand qualities. Get to know some of the most notable clients among them which are mentioned here.

Happy Feedbacks

See the testimonials of some of our clients who are doing business with us in purchasing our Feed Additives, and enjoying a sustainable outcome in their business in Livestock.

James Carson

"Eubiotics actually manage to build a great amount of clients to gather around my business by the high effectiveness of their products"

Katherina Haouding

Crops Now
"The authenticity in their products is absolutely brilliant. They are proved to give the highest results and growth in Livestock"

Madison Kelly

Smith & Peter
"My business relies on the products Eubiotics. And they always provide me with all the products right on time with guaranteed quality."
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