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Published: February 14, 2022

4 Popular Types Of Livestock Feed Additives

Farming has been around for a long time since our ancestors get rid of hunting and gathering. Because they found out that farming is a much more efficient way of gathering food sources. And that is why they engaged in planting crops and breeding animals most of the time paving a path to a new era. To this day, farming has become a vital part of our food chain that makes most of our foods. Whether they are vegetables, fruits, and animal products like milk, meat, and eggs are all due to the effort of farming. And that is why farming has become such an essential operation in the modern world as well. But when it comes to animal farms, multiple factors come into play. And one such thing is the livestock feed additives which have become a requirement to operate a farm smoothly.

Because these livestock feed additives bring in a lot of benefits to the farm more than you count. And that is why people are buying them in bulk for their farms. But you need to know what you should buy and for whom you should buy them before investing in feed additives. Since if you are not aware of their roles beforehand, then you are making a huge mistake. And to avoid such a situation to arise, we are writing this article that will help you. Because it contains all the information you need to know before you buy these feed additives.

The 4 popular types

image of cow eating animal feed with livestock feed additives

To identify the best feed additive that is suitable for your farm, you need to know all the types available in the market. And from them, you can select the most suitable ones for your farms. Also, no rule says you have only to use one feed additive. Because most farms provide multiple livestock feed additives for their animals to increase their efficiency, so let's find out what are some of the major types of feed additives in the market.

1. Antioxidants

Antioxidants prevent damage at a cellular level and even repair them in both humans and animals. And this will directly reduce many diseases and conditions that affect animals. For example, providing antioxidants can reduce inflammations that occur in animals' guts. And improving the gut health of the animal can greatly benefit their living condition as they will live longer. Also, this is not the only benefit of antioxidants as there are many more. Due to these reasons, antioxidant feed additives have become a staple in most farms today. So if you are also planning to provide them, then feed additives that contain Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT) are a good antioxidant to buy.

2. Prebiotics

Providing prebiotic livestock feed additives can greatly increase the immune system of animals. So they can fight off diseases and grow up into healthy animals on the farms. And doing this can also help increase the mortality rate of your animals if they ever encounter a plague. Also, since they are healthy all the products these animals provide such as meat, milk, eggs, and other farm products will also be healthy to consume for humans. And this is a significant benefit that every farm should have as a practice. Because you can provide quality products and earn a lot more profits as well.

3. Probiotics

Probiotic livestock feed additives can help the animal grow at a faster rate. And also, they improve digestion in animals giving them the ability to absorb nutrients much more easily. So the benefits they receive for their health and growth are immense. And that is why many farmers provide probiotics from a younger age for their animals. By doing so, they can increase their production rate by a lot. As a result, they are reeling in more profits than their competition. Hence, you can do the same and enjoy all these profits on your farm as well. But make sure you provide these feed additives from a younger age for your farm animals to gain the best results.

4. Vitamins

Just like for humans, vitamins are also essential for animals as well to maintain a healthy body. And that is why there are many feed additives that contain vitamins that farm animals require. The most popular vitamins that these farmers supply are vitamins A, D, E, and K. Because there is no other way that these animals can find these vitamins in a commercial farm environment. So the farmers give these vitamins to the animal regularly through feed additives. Therefore the animals won't go through any effects caused by vitamin deficiencies and live a comfortable and healthy life. And this is why you need to start providing them at your farm as well since they bring a lot of stability to the animal health around your farm.

But to buy all these livestock feed additives you might need to find multiple suppliers as they are different. However, there are a few that makes all these feed additive in their labs and factories. Though to find them, you need to do a lot of research in the market. And to do that takes a lot of time from your normal operations at the farm. But if you are reading this post here, then you don't have to do all that as Eubiotics is one of the best in the business of feed additives.

Top-grade feed additives for commercial farming by Eubiotics


If you are ever in need of buying livestock feed additives of the highest quality, then you have come to the right place. Because Eubiotics is one of the largest manufacturers of chemical-oriented livestock solutions in China. We have customers across the world that maintain their farms with the help of our products. And most of these farmers engage in pig farming and buy our feed additives due to their quality.

Therefore we guarantee that the feed additives we provide will have immediate effects on your farm. And regarding their safety, all our products contain the highest quality raw materials. And with years of experience in research and development, we will guarantee you that all our products have the highest efficiency and effectiveness you need. Therefore contact us today to buy all types of feed additives you need from our collection. And make your animals healthy while increasing your production rate to surpass everyone in your local markets.

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