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Published: October 1, 2021

6 Facts about tributyrin as a feed additive

On every farm in the world today, feed additives have become essential. Because they have a lot of benefits for both the farm and the animals. And that is why you see many feed additives come to light every year in the industry. But not all of them have a good response from the farmers. Since not every feed additive is effective as they say. So you need to be careful when deciding one to use in your farms as well. Because it is one of the most important decisions you have to take as a farmer or an owner. But with the help of this article, it will be easier to make this decision. Since you can find information about tributyrin as a feed additive here.

It is one of the best feed additives in the industry right now. And have become very popular among farmers around the world for the benefits they bring. So to go in-depth about this feed additive, let's find out about it in detail first.

What is tributyrin?

Tributyrin is a type of triglyceride mainly present in butter, and famous for its use in the making of margarine. And there are many uses for it in many industries. Not only that, it is even used to treat humans as a supplement to improve gut health. Due to these reasons, it has become a safe option for treating both humans and animals. And it is also one of the reasons tributyrin as a feed additive is popular. Since anyone would like to treat their animals with the same medicine that humans take as well. As a result, these types of feed additives are highly sorted after by many in the industry.

So to know more about tributyrin as a feed additive, let's learn 6 interesting facts about it. And that will help you to understand its popularity among many farms today.

6 Facts you should know

5 facts about trybutyrin as a feed additive
  • Best way to improve gut health in animals

It is one of the best ways to improve the gut health of farm animals you can find. Based on many studies, they have found out that providing tributyrin as a feed additive regularly has great improvements. Especially for poultry animals, it's much more effective than the other feed additives. And that is why it is much more popular among poultry farmers today.

  • Improve absorption of other nutrients

One of the other benefits it has is making the process of nutrient absorption much easier for the animal. So the animal will have better help during this process. And it is vital to have this benefit for the animals. Since it will be really helpful to get all the nutrients they can when they are growing up.

  • Have antioxidant powers

Providing antioxidants to farm animals is always a good thing. And that is one of the main reasons tributyrin as a feed additive is popular. Because it can bring many health and growth benefits to animals while also being an antioxidant as well. But you cannot find this feature with other feed additives in the market right now.

  • Higher survival rates

On farms that provide tributyrin as a feed additive have higher survival rates for their animals. Because of all the health benefits, it brings to the animals they survive longer. Since it will help the animal to safeguard against various diseases and plagues in their lifetime. And that is why it has become one of the most effective feed additives of all time.

  • Prevents cancer

According to studies, they have found out that tributyrin helps prevent cancers in the bowels and colons in humans. But it can also help prevention oof cancers in animals as well. And that is also another factor to the higher survival rate you can see in farms that provide tributyrin as a feed additive. Because animals too can be subjected to cancers in their life unbeknownst to the farm owner.

  • Reduce diarrhea

It also helps to reduce diarrhea due to the indigestion of farm animals. Because farms are normally full of bacteria due to overpopulation. So the animals can get indigestion regularly on the farm they inhibit. And that is why adding tributyrin with their feed is the perfect solution to prevent and reduce diarrhea.

So by going through the above facts, you will now be able to understand why tributyrin as a feed additive is so popular. And due to these facts, you might consider providing them for your animals too. But you need to find a proper supplier first to buy them. Because not every feed additive maker can provide you with a good product. And that is why we reccomend buying from Eubiotics, so lets find out why?

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