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Published: April 18, 2022

Butyric Acids and their benefits to animal health as a feed additive!

Butyric acids are short-chain fatty acids you can find in the gut in both humans and animals. And it is created when bacteria break down the dietary fiber in our gut. So, it is something that the body produces to help our body function. And the benefits it brings will convince you that taking more will never be bad for you. Overall, it improves many areas of the body while helping to avoid many conditions and diseases. Due to these facts, many around the world are taking butyric acid as a supplement regularly. Therefore, to understand this behavior let us go into detail about the benefits it brings. And it will help you to understand why butyric acid is important for bodily functions for both humans and animals. 

Top 5 Benefits of Butyric Acids 

  • Improves gut health 

Studies have found that having a regular dose of butyric acids can greatly improve gut health in both humans and animals. So, it can fend off conditions like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and make the gut healthy. And that is what makes butyric acid heavily beneficial to us humans. But it does not stop there as it improves the gut health and performance in animals as well. However, we will discuss this later in the article by finding out how butyric acids helps farms as feed additives. 

  • Reduce inflammation

Butyric acids also have the ability to reduce the chances of inflammation occurring in our gut. Because it helps remove any substances in the gut that causes inflammations. And it also helps our gut to get rid of oxidative stress and heal the parts that were damaged. Due to these facts, it has become popular among both animals and humans to take a  regular intake of butyric acids.  

  • Prevents cancer 

According to many studies, butyric acids help prevent colon cancer that occurs in our bodies. But these studies were done on animals and waiting for further evidence from human trials. However, these researchers recommend having a daily intake of butyric acids will reduce the chances of having colon cancer. So this anti-cancerous feature for animals can greatly help to reduce death in a commercial farm environment if it is given as a feed additive.

  • Improves health in liver 

Taking butyric acids can help improve overall health in the liver. Because a study states that it can treat the fatty liver disease that occurs in our body. Therefore, when you consider this fact, it will show how important it is to have a regular intake of butyric acids. Because having a healthy liver is one of the most important things to have a healthy and long life. And it is the same for both humans and animals as a healthy liver help the body to maintain a healthy body as well.

  • Boost immune system

You will receive a great amount of protection overall by taking butyric acids. Because it improves the immunity in our body to greater lengths than you can imagine. Since these acids formed in our gut help and protect many operations in our body. And increasing the intake will further increase the protection of our body as well.  And this part greatly helps animals fight off various diseases and plagues that affect farms regularly.

These are only a few benefits out of many that contribute to human and animal health. But it does not stop there as it helps provides more benefits to animals that are exclusive to them as a feed additive for commercial farming. So let us find out how they influence animal health next. 

Benefits of butyric acids as a feed additive in commercial farming 

chicken eating animal feed with butyric acids

Sodium butyrate which is a salt of butyric acid is a major feed additive that many farms around the world use. Because it brings a lot of benefits to the animals. And just like for humans it improves the gut health of the animals and reduces inflammations. But exclusively for animal health, sodium butyrate helps the animal to grow while increasing its mass. And that is why it has become a major feed additive in commercial farming. However, it does not stop there as it provides many other benefits as well. But only a few sodium butyrate suppliers can provide a product of the highest quality that will bring all these benefits. 

After going through this article, you will now understand how important it is to have butyric acids for both humans and animals. Therefore, you should also start getting an extra dose of butyric acid from supplements or high fiber foods daily. And that will help you to stay healthy living a long life without any issues or worry. Also, if you are an owner of a  farmer, then you cannot ignore how beneficial sodium butyrate is as a feed additive as well. Because it will help you to increase the efficiency around your farms and increase the production capacity. And that is why you need to find the suppliers in the market to buy sodium butyrate. But you don't have to do much if you are already here at this website as this is the home of one of the best feed additives suppliers in the industry.

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