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Published: September 3, 2021

Common questions on the application of Butyric acid salts

There are many questions and misconceptions around the application of Butyric acid salts in general. Therefore with the help of this article, you will be able to get the answer to some of the most frequently asked questions in the industry. So you can have a better understanding of this chemical next time when you are buying.

Question 1 - The specifications of butyric acid preparation include 30%, 70%, 90%, and other kinds of content, how to choose and use it?

Because butyric acid is irritating and a hazardous chemical, the majority of products currently on the market are butyric acid salts or butyric acid glycerides, and whether it is butyric acid salts or butyric acid glycerides, what the user buys is actually its active ingredient, butyric acid. The decision to buy which active ingredient content specifications of butyric acid preparations depends on the user's own application, such as environmental pressure or more sensitivity to the taste of butyric acid, you can choose low concentration specifications of butyric acid preparations, while environmental pressure is not much, you can consider the use of high concentration specifications of butyric acid preparations products, and different coating process (water-soluble or fat-soluble) is also based on the actual situation of the application. 

Question 2 - What is the difference between butyrate and glycerol butyrate?  How to make a choice? 

There are two ways to synthesize glyceryl butyrate, one is to simply put glycerin and butyric acid together for esterification reaction to produce a mixture of glyceryl butyrate, Diglycerol butyrate,Triglyceride butyrate(i.e. Tributyrin).; the other is to further distill the product after the esterification reaction between butyric acid and glycerin to remove (distill off) the residual free butyric acid; therefore the first method will contain a certain odor, while the second does not.  Since butyric acid itself has a certain predatory effect on animals, if you want to increase animal intake, it is not appropriate to choose glycerol butyrate, while butyrate salts contain a certain residual butyric acid, which can play a predatory role and increase intake.

Butyrate, like glycerol butyrate, can be broken down in the mammalian stomach, releasing butyric acid. Generally speaking, the esterification cost of glyceryl butyrate is slightly higher than the acid-base reaction of butyrate, so butyrate is more cost-effective. sodium butyrate is the most commonly used butyric acid preparation product today. 

Question 3 - What is the importance of the secondary acidifying effect of sodium butyrate? 

The effective pH of sodium butyrate is 8-10 according to the national standard, but since its active ingredient is butyric acid, it is also classified as an acidifying agent (a unique acidifying agent).  After entering the stomach, the decomposed butyric acid stimulates the wall cells to produce hydrochloric acid, which is called "primary acidification"; as the digestive tract is extended and enters the intestine, butyric acid stimulates the microflora in the intestine to produce more endogenous butyric acid, and as the intestine is extended further and further, the amount of endogenous butyric acid production is geometrically enlarged. This is the "secondary acidification" effect of butyric acid, and it is the main acidification effect of butyric acid preparation, which will be far greater than the acidification effect of sodium butyrate added in the feed, and it is more effective and safer. 

Question 4 - In the case of piglet diarrhea, does sodium butyrate work faster than glyceryl butyrate? 

Sodium butyrate does not depend on lipase for its action in the body, so its effect is faster than that of glycerol butyrate.  Some experimental research proves that in the case of piglet diarrhea, adding 3kg/t of sodium butyrate can quickly stop diarrhea, and the effect is better than that of glyceryl butyrate. 

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