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Published: March 12, 2021

Where to Find The Best Thymol Oil for Your Animal Husbandry!

Looking for the best Thymol oil for your animals on your farm? Where to buy Thymol oil? In this article, we are gonna talk about the purpose of Thymol oil for the animals and where to buy Thymol oil.

The function of Thymol Oil

Thymol oil is an organic food additive that is used primely used in the animal livestock industry. Thymol oil actively involves improving animal's growth performance. Where this Thymol oil is used as a supplement to enhance the productivity score and quick reproduction performances, by improving the Bioavailability of nutrients of animals including pigs, chickens, cattle, and fish. Thymol oil is recommended as one of the best Food Additives for Animal Husbandry.

"Thymol Oil"

Did you know that Thymol oil is also a well-known Food Additive because of its Antimicrobial ability and it is used as the main Bio-Component in the oil product? Thymol is mainly preferred by the livestock industry because of its great improvements in gut health status, higher production performance, and feed efficiency over the industry. That has become the mainly used functional oil over the Livestock Industry. Thymol oil delivers out many benefits for the Livestock Industry. Here are some of the benefits of thymol oil.

  • Biological Pesticide
  • ┬áIncreases the Reproductive Capacity
  • The Main Component of ABF Solution
  • Intermediate Component in Biosynthesis
  • Reduces the Ammonia Emission in the Livestock Industry
  • Improves Hepatic Energy Metabolism
  • Increase Growth Performances

Thymol delivers many benefits from the usage as a Livestock Food Additive that results in increased food production. But where to buy Thymol oil? The best Thymol oil for your Animal Husbandry? There are many factories that produce Thymol oil but not every manufacturer produces the standard value for the Thymol oil. Then is it risky to buy Thymol? Yes because this Thymol is used as a Livestock Food Additive that consumed by people. So it is a must to buy through an authentic and entrust company for your chemical products.

There are only a handful of thymol crystal suppliers who manufactures the standard Thymol Crystals, so if you buying bulk Thymol Crystals the company must also have a high capacity production? Then where to buy bulk Thymol Crystals? The standard place that I can suggest for this inquiry is the Prime "Eubiotics" the pioneer in livestock food additives.

Eubiotics Production

We specialized manufacturing in producing Thymol animal Functional Solution of the highest purity under the quality control and supervision of experts in Chemistry and Animal Nutrition.

"Thymol Oil"

We are the pioneer brand of Feed Additive manufacturers in the world for those who look to buy bulk Thymol crystals, of the highest quality. The Thymol Supplement we manufacture and provide comes with assured high purity as we do the production from the raw material, which is produced by ourselves in high quality, and therefore we are able to provide a guarantee to be Feed Additives suppliers of stability. The Thymol supplement we provide is highly trusted by worldwide brands.

We are the largest manufacturer of Thymol Supplement in China that our manufacturing facilities hold the capacity to produce and release more than ten thousand tons of Livestock Feed Additives per year. We are also the largest manufacturer of Fatty Acid Glycerides, Anti Oxidants, and Acidifiers in China.

Our Standard

"Thymol Oil"

We are a world-leading name among Livestock Feed Additives manufacturers as a provider of Chemical Compounds of the guaranteed high purity and standard. Many brands around the world are keeping their trust in us because of our standard value of production, here are some of our standards.

  • Improved Animal Welfare and Health
  • Higher Production Performance
  • Innovation Based Process
  • Globally Connected & Cooperated
  • Environment Friendly & Sustainable
  • Internationally Certified & Quality Controlled
  • Reliable Distribution Service Worldwide

Eubiotics brings you a range of high-quality Chemical Compounds that can be used as Animal Feed Additives that can be applied in many categories in the Livestock industry, as Feed Additives for Swine which are Pig Feed Additives, Cattle Feed Additives, Poultry Feel Additives and etc. All our Livestock Feed Additives come in the highest purity

"We Help to Grow and Breed Your Farm With Our Innovation Technolgy"


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