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Published: May 9, 2022

Glycocyamine as a feed additive in commercial farming

Feed additives have become a major part of any farm in the world today. Because there are many benefits to them in a farm setting. And that is why there is a huge demand for them in the market as one of the essential things you need when it comes to farming. Also, there are many feed additives in the market that bring specific benefits. So in this post, we will introduce one of these feed additives that became highly influential in commercial farming. And this feed additive is glycocyamine which is a famous name in this industry. But not many farmers know what exactly it does and its benefits in animal husbandry. However, after reading this post you will know all about it in the simplest form possible.

So to start this discussion, let's find out more in detail about glycocyamine. And this will help you to understand more about this feed additive. As a result, you will have all the information you need before making your first purchase.

What is Glycocyamine

glycocyamine for chicken in commercial farming

It is a feed additive that is popular in poultry farming right now due to the benefits it brings specific to chicken. But it does have other uses as well not just to commercial farming. Because it is a naturalcompound present in human body as well and when it interacts with the liver it becomes a creatine. And creatine helps the body to build muscle tissue in humans. This feature is common to animals as well when glycocyamine is provided as a feed additive to animals. Because a lot of the benefits that derives from this feed additive is related to growth in animals. To elaborate more on this fact, let's find out some of the major benefits of this feed additive. And it will help you realize how impotant they are to the growth of animals. So you will be surely convinced enough to buy them for your farms.

Benefits of Glycocyamine

1. Improve muscle growth

The main benefit that poultry farmers seek from this feed additive is this as they produce a lot poultry products. For example, you can easily increase the amount of meat produced in you factories if the size or body mass of the chicken increased simultaneously. But this effect does not harm the health of the animal at all since many people can assume this change as unatural. However, it is not the case and many farmers have put their trust on it to increase their production rate. Therefore you should the same when it comes to your farms since having a good production rate is sole goal of any type of animal farm.

2. Improve overall growth

Glycocyamine also have the ability to increase the overall growth in animals as well. So it is all-around feed additive that can increase the growth rate in poultry animals in multiple areas. And that is why you see a high demand for this feed additive in the poultry industry more than the others. Because if you were to speed up the gorwth rate in animals, then you will be able to yield the animal products much faster as well. So increasing the production rate will always bring you more profits in any field rehardless of what they do.

3. Improve product quality

Since it does not bring any harm related to health for the animal, the animal products comes from them are also healthy to consume. So the quality of the products also increase at your farms giving you the competetive advantage over other farms. Because many do look out for the quality of the animal products the consume. For example, if the meat you provide is not up to a good standard, then you will lose out a lot of money. Because if people aren't buying your products, then all of your investments will go to waste. And that is why we strongly recommend you to provide glycocyamine as feed additive for your farms as well.

4. Increase reproduction rate

This is a feed additive that increase the reproduction rate in your farms as well. And this can be a side-effect improve growth since many chicks will be able to grow into adults much faster than the normal rate. Since glycocyamine does not have any bad health effects on the animal even though they grow faster. This can be highlighted as the topmost benefit this feed additive brings since increase the overall production in a farm to a new level. Since there are no adverse effects on the animal, you can consider this feed additive as one of the best in the market that increase the production of a farm.

However, to enjoy all these benefits you need to find a good food additive supplier, since not every feed additive you can find have the same quality. So you need to do a lot of research when it comes to finding a trusted and reliable supplier. Because if you do not do this, you can lose a lot of money when it comes to your investments. But if you are here at this website, then you can skip all the research you need to do. Because you are already at one of the best places to buy all types of feed additives.

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