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Published: August 5, 2021

Sodium Butyrate And Its Benefits As A Feed Additive

Farmers all around the world use many feeds to help their animals live healthy life. Because they are the lifeline of the farm to make the most profits for the farmers. Therefore as a farmer, you should always try to offer your animals the best safety they need. And it will help you to manage your farms really well without losing any money. But how do you do this? Well, there are many ways you can achieve this on your farm. And we will discuss one way throughout this article that will be really helpful for you. Because in this article, you can find out how to protect your animals through their diet. And why you should provide your animals with sodium butyrate with their feeds. So let us delve into more about sodium butyrate before we learn about its benefits as a feed additive.

What is sodium butyrate?

sodium butyrate

It is mostly a white, solid, and water-soluble substance used in many fields today. And it is a salt of butyric acid that has the compound formula Na(C3H7COO). It is commonly used among humans too not just as a feed additive for animal feed. Because it has many health benefits for humans as well. For example, a daily dosage of sodium butyrate will help you to cleanse the liver and gall bladder. And also, it helps cleanse the bowel as well. Due to these facts, it is has become a popular detoxifier among humans.

But later on, it branched out and became popular in animal husbandry. Because it has great qualities as a feed additive to animals. And it brings many benefits for both the animals and farmers on a farm. Therefore let us find out about these benefits in more in detail next. So as a farmer you are not too late to have these benefits on your farm as well.

Benefits of sodium butyrate

animal feed

There are many benefits to sodium butyrate for both animals and humans. But here let us discuss some of the most important ones to farm animals in general. Therefore if you are a farmer you can start providing it for your animals as soon as possible.

1. Increase gut health

One of the main benefits you can from this feed additive is the improvement of gut health. Animals can experience increased health in their gut with daily dosage. Therefore they can fight off various bacteria to stay healthy for a long time. Because it is vital to have good gut health to battle against these bacteria for animals. As a result of providing this additive daily on your farms, you might see fewer deaths occur due to various diseases. Hence you will be able to protect a lot of your livestock and leading you to save a lot of money.

2. Have anti-inflammatory effects

It will help the animals to prevent any gut inflammations that occur due to various factors. For example, an imbalance in their diet can cause them to have this issue with their gut. And also, the consumption of worms and other insects can cause these issues. But providing sodium butyrate with their feed can easily avoid this and protect them from any inflammations. Because it can completely prevent them from happening with a healthy daily dosage. Due to these facts, as a farmer, you should too start providing butyrate with feed additives from today. So it can help you a lot to avoid any death caused by these inflammations in animals.

3. Decrease salmonella infections

According to studies, sodium butyrate help reduces infections caused by salmonella in the gut of animals. It is a vital benefit to have as a farmer who provides any type of meat product. Because these salmonellae can transfer to humans and cause serious health defects. So by providing animal feed that contains sodium butyrate you can avoid this issue completely. Because it helps get rid of salmonella in animals before their product is available to humans. So as a farmer it is one of the key benefits you can have to protect your animal and your farm. Because if you were to provide any infectious meat product for your customers, you will lose more than you know. As you can face many lawsuits and charges for providing a product with serious health defects.

4. Increase bodyweight

Based on studies, the animals that got fed sodium butyrate had more bodyweight. Therefore the animals have more meat in their body than the ones who are not fed with this feed additive. So to make your animals gain the weight and mass needed before you slaughter you can provide sodium butyrate regularly. And due to this, all the animals will have good body weight and it will reduce the chances of getting thinner. As a farmer, it is very important to maintain good body weight on your animals. Because firstly, it is good for their health while they are alive on your farms. And secondly, all the products that come from them are also healthier to consume for humans.

5. Improves growth rate

Not just the bodyweight, sodium butyrate help to increase the overall growth in animals. So helping the farmers to make their animals reach adulthood much faster. As a result, as a farmer, you can expect products from your animals much faster as well. So it is very efficient to provide sodium butyrate with the animal feeds. And it won't cause any bad defects for the animals with higher growth rates. Because this feed additive is completely safe to use for increasing growth rate than other steroids you can find in the market. Due to these facts, it has become widely popular with farmers all around the world as a safe feed additive.

Now that we know the benefits of sodium butyrate in animal husbandry. Let us find out about one of the best providers of animal feed additives in the industry. Because if you decide after reading through this article, that you will also start providing sodium butyrate for animals on your farms too. Then you might need a good supplier to purchase these feed additives.

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