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Published: December 10, 2021

Where to buy the best pig feed additives for your farms

On many commercial farms, there are many pigs bred exclusively for their meat. Since it is a much more popular type of meat that many enjoy around the world. Therefore this product has had a lot of demand in the market since the old ages. As a result, you can find countless swine farmers worldwide who are trying to meet this demand. But not every one of them provides high quality and healthy products from their farms. However, there is a bunch out there who are trying to provide the best meat product possible. And to achieve this they use pig feed additives that bring a lot of benefits to the animal and their products.

So in this post, we will discuss what these pig feed additives are? And how you can benefit from them if you were to provide them to your animals as well. Therefore if you are also a swine farmer, this information will help you to take your farm to the next level. So to get into this, let's start finding out what these pig feed additives are in detail.

What are pig feed additives?

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Generally, farmers provide feed additives through the animal feed to farm animals for a variety of reasons. And these reasons are mainly around the health of the animal and their growth. The same goes for pig feed additives as well and it has become a must-have in almost any swine farm in the world. So to get a better understanding of how they help let's learn some of the benefits it brings. And after learning these benefits, you will also try to find them as much as you can and it's a guarantee.

The benefits they bring

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While there are many benefits to these feed additives that can help your farms. But here, you will find the topmost benefits that have a higher influence on commercial farms.

  • Improve gut health

The gut health of swine is an important factor that can influence your animals highly. Because having great health around their gut helps the animal a lot health-wise while increasing their mortality rate. Because it helps the animals to absorb nutrients more efficiently than normal. So there will be a less amount of animals dying due to diseases and malnutrition. And that is why many farmers try to provide pig feed additives with tributyrin for their swine. Since this feed additive can improve the gut health of animals more effectively than the others.

To produce a good meat product you need to have a healthy animal first. But if not, then you will face major repercussions from your consumer leading to a financial and legal crisis. So make sure to avoid this as much as possible to continue your operations without worry.

  • Improve growth rate

You can increase the rate that your pigs grow to buy by providing them with feed additives. As a result, the pigs will grow into adults in a much faster way. And also, through this process, they will gain a healthy amount of body weight as well. So it will lead them to produce more meat products as they have more mass in their bodies. For example, the feed additive Ultra Acidifier from Eubiotics does exactly this and increases the growth rate in piglets by a great margin. And the best thing is this feed additive brings almost no health risks to the animal while increasing the rate.

Having a higher growth performance in your animals can increase your production rate by a lot. And it will help you to earn a lot profits more than you are earning right now. Due to these reasons, many swine farmers make sure to provide these growth-enhancing feed additives with their animals' food.

  • Gain high immunity

Most of the time, the living conditions around commercial swine farms can spread various diseases. Given the packed environment they live in, it is really hard to maintain cleanliness. So there is a higher chance of diseases spreading through respiratory and feces in this situation. But to minimalize the mortality rate among your animals you can provide pig feed additives with antioxidants. And it will help boost their immunity to fight off diseases that could harm their lives. But make sure to provide these feed additives from a younger stage to have a much more impactful effect.

  • Improve overall health

Feed additives can improve the overall health of animals because they bring a lot of healthy benefits. As you can see above in the post many of them help the animal to improve their living conditions. However, to get a good outcome you need to provide these feed additives from an early stage of their lives. So when they grow they will have a prolonged life with a healthy body. And that will result in a good product for you to provide for your consumers. A quality and healthy product is something that everyone expects who consumes. Therefore you will have no problem meeting the high demand you can see in this industry with a high-quality product.

But to enjoy all these benefits you need to find the best pig feed additives on the market. Since not all will give a satisfactory result as there are much low quality and ineffective feed additives on the market. So you need to do your research and find the right supplier for your to buy these feed additives. However, you do not have too far in search of one since you are already at one of the best places to buy.

Top-grade feed additives for commercial farming by Eubiotics


If you require feed additives for your farms to increase the growth and health of your animals? Then, you have come to the right place. Because Eubiotics is one of the leading manufacturers of chemical-oriented livestock solutions in China. All our formulas are top-notch and you can expect results immediately. Due to this fact, our products have become popular across the world due to their quality. And that is why you should also buy them from us to see your farms flourish with wealth and health. So contact us today and get any information you need regarding the purchase of our products.

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