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Published: August 19, 2021

Where to buy thymol crystals to use as animal feed?

If you are an owner of a farm or field related to it, then you might hear of feed additives. Because it is an item that is vital to have on any farm that is related to animal husbandry. Since it provides a lot of benefits for the animals. But there is a variety of them to the animals to treat various diseases and issues. Among them thymol crystals is more popular recently in the market than the others. Because there are many benefits to it in the industry right now. So with this article, you will be able find out about them in detail and where to buy thymol crystals. Since it will be helpful for you to. know them if you are in ever need of animal feed.

Before we learn about their benefits, let's find out what are thymol crystals briefly. So you will be able to get an idea about it before you buy them for your farms.

What are thymol crystals?

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Thymol in Crystallised form

It is white crystal substance that has a strong herbal smell to it. Because they mainly derive from the herb thyme due to that they give out a strong flavour to it as well. And also, they are highly soluble in water and other solvents. Thymol also have really good medicinal value for humans as well. Therefore it is prescribed by many doctors to treat various conditions arise in humans. For example, it can cure eczema, cough, common colds and various other conditions. So thymol crystals is a safe feed additive you can use on farm animals as well.

In briefly, thymol crystals is much safer option as feed additive than some of the other you can find in the market. To convince you even more let's find out about its benefits. So you will be able to get a better understanding about them in detail.

Thymol crystals and its benefits

benefits as a feed additive

You can find many benefits in thymol crystals to both humans and animals. But here, you can find the most important benefits it brings for farm animals as a feed additive.

  • Increase immunity

One of the main benefit that is sort after by many farmers around the world is the improvement it gives to the immunity of the animals. Because in a farm setting there are various factors that can affect the health of the animal. For example, in a crowded farm there can be various bacteria formed in the farm with the increase of animals. Because farm animals can be highly unhygienic when its come to their health. And this can lead to early deaths and decrease of overall living conditions of the animals. But you can safeguard them by adding thymol crystals to their feed. And it will protect them from various bacteria by increasing the immunity of animals.

  • Increase growth and mass

Thymol crystals also helps in growth of the animals. When they are given to animals of a younger age their growing rate will highly increase. Therefore they will be able to enter into adulthood much faster than the normal. And also, it will help them to bulk up as well while gaining a healthy amount weight. But this increase of growth and weight gain is completely healthy to the animal. So you don't have to worry about making them grow unnaturally than the usual.

  • Increase reproductive performance

By providing thymol crystals you can also increase reproduction capability of animals on your farms. Therefore this can help you with breeding farm animals at a much faster rate. It will be really helpful process as breeding is an important aspect in any farm. And that is why you should provide thymol crystals with the animal feed for your farm animals. Especially if you are a poultry farmer you will find thymol crystals really helpful. Because in your field of work you can benefit the most out of any one with this feature.

  • Increase production rate

When considering the above benefits you can find how much they affect the production of a farm. So overall you can easily increase your production rates much faster at your farms. Because it will help you to produce more of your farm products. But it won't affect the quality in them as well. Because, higher breeding rate with lower death rates at your farm due to thymol crystals can increase your ROIs drastically. For example, if your producing poultry products like meat or eggs, then this will be your ideal setting.

  • No side effects

Thymol crystals are not like other chemical additives in the market that do have side effects. Because it is a feed additive that contains essential oil as one of its main component. Due to this fact, it is highly regarded as one of the safest feed additive in the market. So as a farmer, you don't have to worry about providing them to your animals. Therefore if you find out the best place where to buy thymol crystals that are the safest in the market it will be really convenient for you.

While there are many places that sells thymol crystals there aren't many places that sells the best products. So you might find it harder to find the best place to buy them. But we will help you with that decision by recommending you to the perfect place where to buy thymol crystals.

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