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Published: November 29, 2021

How to prevent 4 common chicken diseases found on farms

If you are a poultry farm owner, then you know how many risks that diseases cause your farm. And that is why it is a must for poultry farmers to know the best information to avoid these situations. Therefore with this article, we are hoping to do the same and provide you with some solutions for common chicken diseases found on farms. So if you and your farm were to face them, then these precautions will help you protect your farm and animals. But before finding out the solutions, let's get into the problems first. And this will help you understand some of the common issues that you can easily avoid.

Therefore let's learn about some of the main chicken diseases that you can find on poultry farms today. While many diseases affect poultry animals in the world. But the ones you can find in this post are the most popular and most lethal.

4 Common chicken diseases in the world

1. Newcastle Disease

The Newcastle disease is one of the most threatening diseases that could wipe out your farm. And many farmers have lost their livelihood due to this disease worldwide. Because the infectious rate of this disease is high since it is respiratory. Therefore it spreads among the poultry farms due to the packed environment conditions. And this disease cause damage to the digestive and respiratory systems in poultry animals. Also, it causes depression among animals as well. As a result, Newcastle disease is considered one of the most lethal chicken diseases in the world.

2. Coccidiosis

This is a protozoan disease that occurs in poultry animals and other birds that attacks the intestinal area of the animal. Coccidiosis causes inflammation and bloody diarrhea in animals. And this disease spread through feces making it one of the most dangerous for farms. Since if the living conditions on the farm are not well or not clean enough, then there is a higher chance of spreading. And this is a common cause for most commercial farms in the world as it is really hard to maintain hygiene. But there are many precautions you can take to avoid this that we will talk about later in this article.

3. Salmonellosis 

Salmonellosis is a dangerous disease that can both affect the animals and the humans who consume their products. As a result, this chicken disease is considered one of the lethal things that could hit your farms. The root cause of this disease is an infectious bacteria called salmonella that exists in the animal's intestinal tract. And the main way that this disease spread to humans is by consuming the meat of an infected animal. Also, this disease can bring in many lawsuits from people due to putting their lives in danger due to the infections. Therefore if you are not ready to face this disease, then it will wipe out your farm as well as your finances.

4. Infectious Bronchitis

It is a viral disease also known as bronchitis that affects chicken and other poultry animals. And this is a highly contagious virus that spreads very quickly in packed environments. It does not stop there, since it can affect eggs as well stopping them from hatching. Therefore this disease can hinder the production rate of your farm highly since it can kill your animals as well as stop new ones from being born. So this can be a real headache for any farmer who is in the poultry industry since their entire production cycle is on the line.

So after learning about these chicken diseases that terrorize the poultry industry. Now you might understand as a poultry farmer, how many threats are out there that can destroy your farm. But with proper steps, you can avoid these situations without a doubt. Therefore let's learn about how you can prepare to fight against these diseases on your farms.

How you can prevent these diseases?

hand feeding a chicken

There are many ways that you can use to protect your animals and your farm from these chicken diseases. But here, you will find the most effective and efficient ways that you can try. So let's learn about these precautions you can take before these diseases spread throughout your farms.

  • Increase immunity

Providing feed additives that can increase the immunity with animal feed for your poultry animals can improve their survival chances by a lot. For example, providing Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT) as a feed additive can achieve this benefit. And it does not stop there as this feed additive can bring a lot of other benefits as well. Therefore it has become a major tool that many farmers use to fight off many chicken diseases found in the world.

  • Provide antibiotics

Feed additives like Sodium Butyrate can provide antibiotic benefits to the animals to fight off these chicken diseases. Especially for diseases like salmonellosis, this feed additive is the perfect solution to have. And also, this feed additive brings many other benefits as well, such as improved gut health and anti-inflammatory effects for the animals. So this is a well-rounded feed additive that helps farmers in many ways around the farm. Therefore you should also start providing this feed additive for your animals as well.

  • Improve gut health and digestion

Having good gut health and a digestion process can help animals a lot. Because it makes the nutrient absorption rate much higher while improving their health a lot. And the best feed additive to do so is Benzoic acid as it improves the gut health of the animals. Same as the other feed additives, this one also brings a lot of other health benefits. So having a healthy group of animals will reduce the chances of having these chicken diseases on your farm.

  • Improve hygiene

Lack of cleanliness in your farms also can be a major factor when it comes to the spread of these chicken diseases. So you need to have a proper maintenance plan and do regular cleaning to maintain good hygiene around your farm. And by doing so, you will reduce the spreading rate of these diseases by a lot. Also, it will improve the living conditions of the animal leading them to live a healthy and long life.

By providing these feed additives and maintaining good hygiene, you will be able to protect your farm from a variety of chicken diseases. But when buying the feed additives, make sure they are from a good supplier that provides effective and efficient products. And it will leave you with no worries regarding your animals' health and your operations around the farm. Since there are many feed additive suppliers, it is hard to choose a good one. However, you won't have to search a lot since you are already at one of the best feed additives suppliers in the industry.

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